Apr. 22, 2016 | DO I WANT TO LEAVE EGYPT?

Do I want to leave Egypt?

What a question! Of course I want to leave! Moses is here with us, along with his brother Aaron. You’re asking if I want to leave with them? They are going to write about us in the Torah, in the Haggadah! This is the greatest moment in history! 

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Apr. 15, 2016 | A WEDDING IN MOSCOW

“Behold, I send you Elijah the Prophet, before the great and awesome day of G-d. He shall restore the hearts of fathers to children and the heart of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with destruction” (Malachi 3:23-24; Haftara reading of Shabbos Hagadol). 

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“In His goodness, He renews daily, perpetually, the work of Creation!” (Morning liturgy)

G-d is continuously, perpetually recreating the universe. This is possibly the most upbeat message in the entire world. No matter how disastrous, catastrophic, absolutely black the current situation, the potential exists that, at the next moment, we will find ourselves in the complete purity of the world as it was at creation, before it was sullied by man’s rebellion.  

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