Aug. 26, 2016 | VOICE OUT OF THE FIRE

As I write, Tisha B’Av has just ended, and I am weak to exhaustion. The words have shattered me. The lamentations are so devastating that I have no strength left. How can any nation survive what we have survived? And how can it be that the Nation of Israel still remains as a distinct entity after the destruction upon destruction which we have endured?  

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Aug. 19, 2016 | WHERE IS THE NECHAMA?

Tisha B’Av
has passed.

Where is the nechama - the consolation? 

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Now we have arrived at the tragic week, the tragic day. Every year at this time an ominous cloud descends upon us, but this year it is especially palpable. Something so powerful and overwhelming is going on in the world that many would prefer to think about other things, which is one reason that so many choose to lose themselves in the daily affairs of life. But we must try to confront reality.  

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