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Since the year 2000, when Roy’s first book, From Central Park to Sinai: How I Found My Jewish Soul, was published, Roy and Leah have spoken for young and old Jewish audiences in hundreds of locations in fifteen countries, from Mexico to Azerbaijan.

They are unique in that they speak, where appropriate, together. Their interaction is in itself an inspiration to young people about the institution of marriage.
A University of Michigan student wrote: “I want my marriage to be just like theirs.”

Roy and Leah speak about their own life experience, how they found a Torah lifestyle as young adults after growing up in assimilated America.
They speak from the heart, and, as the saying goes, “Words which emanate from the heart, enter the heart.”



  • Their life story:

    many listeners have said this is the best lecture they ever heard.
  • The Coming of Moshiach and How to Prepare:

    this is the theme of much of Roy’s writing and especially the books, 2020 Vision and Hold On: Surviving the Days Before Moshiach.
  • Successful Dating and Marriage

    with wisdom gleaned from their own experiences before and after their adoption of a religious lifestyle. (They met in high school and were married eleven years before they became observant.)

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