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You Can Do It, Shuey!
You Can Do It, Shuey!
June 20th, 2024
Shuey Rhine was larger than life. That’s a cliché, but in his case it’s true. Shuey departed this world on 29 Iyar at the age of forty eight. He left behind a wife and children as well as his mother and his siblings. Shuey was intimately involved with our life at a time of great
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Who Was Dovid Ha Melech?
Who Was Dovid Ha Melech?
June 6th, 2024
Now we have climbed all the way up from mem-tes Shaarei tumah. We listened to the voice of Moshe Rabbeinu. We trekked through the barren desert for seven weeks, each day discarding encrustations still clinging to us from Mitzraim. We have arrived at Har Sinai. We understand that we are permitted
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Roy & Leah Neuberger
Roy is the author of five books and a long-running weekly column
in the Jewish newspaper Yated Ne'eman. Linda is his 'First Editor.'
Since the publication of Roy's first book, they have spoken together
at hundreds of locations in fifteen countries.
Roy's latest book is HOLD ON: Surviving the Days Before Moshiach
(Mosaica Press, April, 2020). Roy is also the author of the Number One Jewish bestseller
FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul (Jonathan David 2000)
and 2020 VISION (Feldheim Publishers, 2008).
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