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Your Weekly Dose of Inspiration from Roy Neuberger
Why Did We Worship The Golden Calf?
Why Did We Worship The Golden Calf?
February 29th, 2024
What a parsha!  How could Am Yisroel break down and worship an idol so soon after they had personally witnessed the greatest miracles since the Creation!  The tragedy is unbearable, but, lest we look back arrogantly and say, “How could they have brought the
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You Will Not Pay For The Bananas!
You Will Not Pay For The Bananas!
February 22nd, 2024
We were warned. “Don’t travel to the U. S. Even the government of Israel is warning people not to go because of anti-Jewish demonstrations and attacks. Your life will be in danger.” A friend emailed me: “Make sure that you have personal security and don’t look Jewish.
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Roy & Leah Neuberger
Roy is the author of five books and a long-running weekly column
in the Jewish newspaper Yated Ne'eman. Linda is his 'First Editor.'
Since the publication of Roy's first book, they have spoken together
at hundreds of locations in fifteen countries.
Roy's latest book is HOLD ON: Surviving the Days Before Moshiach
(Mosaica Press, April, 2020). Roy is also the author of the Number One Jewish bestseller
FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul (Jonathan David 2000)
and 2020 VISION (Feldheim Publishers, 2008).
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