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The Light of the Menorah
December 17th, 2020

Greetings Friends, 

Here are some thoughts for the Seventh Day of Chanukah, continuing our discussion: 

When a wife says in her heart, “I cannot stand to look at my husband,” she is following her feelings, her Yetzer ha Ra

Of course, it works two ways. A husband can say the same thing in his heart about his wife. 

After a while, the flashing lights go dark and the bells stop ringing, all the ideas we get from Hollywood turn to ashes. What do we do then? 

My friends, we have to listen to the words of the Shema, and not follow our heart and our eyes.

Instead, we Am Yisroel looks at the tzitzis and remembers the 613 mitzvos

As I said yesterday, the men can look at their tzitzis, but what about the women? Let’s repeat what we said yesterday, because it is so important.

Women have a special connection with the light of the menorah, a powerful reminder of the Holy Light from the Bais Hamikdosh. That light is telling us to follow the quiet voice which says “Don’t listen to your Yetzer ha Ra. Don’t follow Chava’s mistake, which brought suffering into the world!”

No, look at the light of the menorah! The menorah is telling us, “Listen to the voice of Torah. Hashem wants me to build a Bais Ne’eman b’Yisroel. He wants me to look at my husband as the man who is learning Torah and is bringing sanctity into our life. Look at his holy neshoma!”

Hashem wants the husband to look at his wife as the one who is bringing sanctity into the home, the Aishes Chayil from whom Torah radiates as the powerful glow radiates from the menorah or the Shabbos lights which she kindles every week.  

If he is not learning enough Torah –then it is in his wife’s power to guide and encourage him, to give him strategies and strength so that he will be a better husband, father and … Jew! That power is visible in the light of the menorah: more and more light in our home every day! 

Chanukah begins with a little light and that light grows every day. It continues to glow throughout the year. Six days are creation; the seventh day is Shabbos, which is the ultimate madreiga in this world, and the eighth day is the world to come, eternity! 

“I can guide my husband so he reaches that madreiga and brings the entire family with him!”

To be continued B”H tomorrow. 

With Chanukah blessings, Roy Neuberger

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