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Affliction And Redemption
March 16th, 2023
Affliction And Redemption

In the midst of this collapsing world, we read the Parshios about the construction of the Mishkan and the inauguration of the month of Nissan.

This is the key to survival. 

It is healthy to study one’s life experiences because one sees miracles. During Shemoneh Esreh, we thank and praise Hashem for “our lives, which are committed to Your power and for our souls that are entrusted to You, for Your miracles that are with us every day and for Your wonders and favors in every season, evening, morning and afternoon … for Your compassions [which are] never exhausted and … Your kindnesses [which] never end …”

Similar thoughts are expressed in the “asher yatzar” bracha, which ends with the words, “Who heals all flesh and performs miracles.” The implication here is that the “normal” course of life is miraculous. Healing is a miraculous act. That means that the daily operation of nature is not “natural,” but actually supernatural. The incredible truth is that Hashem actively directs each action of each atom in the universe at every moment.

This is impossible for us to understand, but it is breathtaking just to contemplate the incomprehensible greatness of Hashem. 

In conformity with His greatness is His goodness. Every movement of every atom in the universe is also completely good for every creature and object He has created. The goodness of the universe is total. Everything that happens is good. 

Hashem ruled that His children, Am Yisroel, should construct a mishkan, a Makom in which His Presence could rest. The Master of the Universe actually desires to dwell among His people! That we allowed this infinite goodness to be lost is madness!

But Hashem has not abandoned us and He never will. 

About twenty years ago I wrote a book called “Worldstorm: Finding Meaning and Direction Amidst Today’s World Crisis.” In that book, I suggested that mankind, since the moment we were ejected from the Garden of Eden, has continually fought against Hashem and His Torah, so that, in each thousand years of history, mankind has tried to reverse the order of one day of Creation. I suggested that, just before the advent of Moshiach, mankind would descend to a state like that which existed at the very beginning of creation, when the world was “tohu vavohu … astonishingly empty,” in a state of universal chaos. 

My friends, I think we may be there right now, or pretty close. We have descended in our rebellion to the point at which we have tried to undo all of Hashem’s magnificent creation. 

But in fact we puny mortals cannot undo anything which Hashem does. We think we can, but we have no power to touch Hashem’s universe. He has given us power in this world, but all this supposed power comes only from Him. In the end, Hashem “reduce[s] man to pulp and [says], ‘repent, Oh sons of man….’” (Tehillim 90)

I have had several near-catastrophic personal experiences. The fact is that the worst experiences in my life have always, without exception, been the gateway to the most exalted salvations from G-d. Three instances come immediately to mind: 

·      January 10, 1966, when my world was blowing up in front of my eyes. This led directly to the “breakdown” when I was forced to admit that G-d is real. This totally saved my life.

·      April 2015, when I had cancer surgery and much suffering. This led directly to a dream in which I was inside the Bais Hamikdosh. I saw the Bais Hamikdosh! I would not have been able to enter the Bais Hamikdosh without the suffering. 

·      An extremely embarrassing incident occurred in which a talmid chacham was covered with spilled food in our home. This led directly to a very close relationship with this great rabbi and many blessings in our life, which never would have occurred had this terrible incident not taken place. 

During Pesach, we remember how our ancestors descended to the 49th Level in Mitzraim. Only because of that descent into the black hole were we able to arise to Har Sinai. 

Dovid ha Melech arose from Moav. 

Moshiach will arise from Dovid. 

The current world catastrophe will lead directly to the greatest Redemption in history. 

“When the wicked bloom like grass, it is only to destroy them to eternity.” (Tehillim 92)

This is Nissan, the month of miracles.

“Gladden us according to the days You afflicted us.” (Tehillim 90)


Asher Yatzar: Blessing said after using the bathroom
Bais Hamikdosh: Holy Temple
Bracha: Blessing
Har Sinai: Mount Sinai
Mishkan: Sanctuary 
Mitzraim: Ancient Egypt
Nissan: Jewish month in which Passover occurs
Parsha (pl. Parshios): Weekly Torah portion
Pesach: Passover 
Shemoneh Esreh: Standing prayer 
Tehillim: Psalms


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