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Hashem Hurled Paro’s Army Into The Sea
April 18th, 2024
Hashem Hurled Paro’s Army Into The Sea

I did not expect to write another article  before Pesach, but a Great Miracle has occurred.

I must admit my shortcomings. I did not understand what happened last Motzae Shabbos. Yes, I heard the booms and sirens. Yes, I sat in the bomb shelter and said Tehillim

But I did not understand. When my wife showed me a news article showing the miracle I became upset, because I do not like to look at the news. Then my wife asked me to listen to a shiur from Rabbi Berel Wein Shlita”h, which opened my eyes. 

My friends, a miracle has occurred in front of the entire world. 

During Pesach we recall the miracles which occurred in MitzraimPesach is the prototype redemption, the model for the Great Redemption. 

Now I am beginning to understand what happened last Motzae Shabbos: Iran and its allies tried to destroy Israel. Hundreds of explosive drones and ballistic missiles were launched directly against Israel. 

They failed! 

“Yishmoel would take a bow and arrow and shoot them in Yitzchak’s direction while pretending to be playing.” (Midrash Rabbah on Beraishis 21:9) Yishmoel pretends to be innocent, but he is playing a game called “murder.” The Torah predicts the actions of Yishmo-el’s descendants, today’s Arabs, who shoot missiles and bombs, attempting to destroy us. 

Throughout history, Hashem has saved His Children. Last Motzae Shabbos Hashem made a great miracle. Yes, United States, British, Saudi Arabian, UAE and Jordanian forces were involved, along with the Israeli air force. But that only adds to the miracle, for why on earth would all these enemies be on our side to save us, even to the extent of allowing the Israeli air force to use their airspace? Miracle upon miracle!

How is it that hundreds of deadly projectiles were launched toward Israel and almost none entered it? From those few which did enter, almost no damage was caused and no Jews were injured! 

The possuk says, “[Hashem] threw Pharaoh’s chariots and army into the sea.” 

Hashem literally hurled their missiles into the sea, for I have seen pictures of the Israeli Army removing a huge ballistic missile which fell into the Dead Sea! 

Why are we not jumping with joy and gratitude at the massive miracles which Hashem made for us? Please note the following message which just came in from Rav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita”h“Regarding the miraculous failure of the Iranian attack, Rav Sternbuch said that he does not understand why the tzibbur has not been more motivated to change as a result of those events.”

Rabbi Wein explained something I had never heard before, namely that the Burning Bush had been seen by many people before Moshe Rabbeinu, but they ignored it. Only Moshe Rabbeinu stopped, looked, contemplated and was transformed by the realization that this was the Hand of G-d!

Don’t walk past the Burning Bush!

We are the bush and we are alive today! Why is the bush not being consumed by the fire?

The fire is Hashem’s Torah! 

Only that fire can save us from the fire that rages around us! 

Even the most powerful army cannot protect us from the hatred of our billions of enemies with their deadly weapons. But the Hand of Hashem can protect us, does protect us and did protect us last Motzae Shabbos

“The might and vengeance of Hashem was salvation for me. This is my G-d and I will build Him a Sanctuary, the G-d of my father and I will exalt him. Hashem is Master of War. His Name is Hashem. He threw Pharaoh’s chariots and army into the sea …. Deep waters covered them….” (Shemos 15:2ff)

“Ain od milvado … there is nothing else” but Hashem and Torah. 

Thank you, Hashem! May we be worthy of Your salvation!

May these indeed be the Days of our Redemption! 

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